Saturday, January 7, 2012

Howdy doooo?

Why do I wait so long between posts? My name is Katy... and its has been 6 months since my last blog post...

Seriously... WHAT has happened in the last 6 months? I forget....?

Ok summer, I took Chem 131 (organic chem), Psych 200 (lifespan) and Bio 260 (microbiology) that was my 2nd quarter in a row 16 credits with a straight 4.0... Needless to say I was a little burnt out by the end of summer quarter in August... I thought about taking the fall off from school, since I had turned in my nursing application and all my prereqs were done... But then I decided it would keep my mind off of the upcoming deployment and enrolled any way. (bleck)... I am going to get my MSN so I have other courses to complete in that pathway, I signed up and completed English 103 (argumentation & research) Nutrition, and Sociology... I enjoyed Nutrition, and Sociology taught me A LOT about cultures and the way people interact and think... English... well English... lets just say I fell 00.02 points away from my 4.0 this last quarter... I guess can't complain too much, in 365 days I completed 68 credits at a brick & mortar school in preparation for my nursing degree and still have a 3.94 GPA...

This wouldn't have anything to do with deployment coming up (which we are now smack dab in the mud of), growing apart from friends, or being bummed about being FOURTH on the alternate list for nursing school... But you know, you win some you lose some... I did not get chosen for this round at nursing school... I DID however, make it to 4th on the alternate list for interviews out of 320 something of Monday the 9th that list disappears and the class of 2013 starts their journey...I applied at TCC which is based on a lottery and was like 30th on their list (for 24)... I will just keep pressing ahead with my goals...

I met my friend Mel in May, and we started hanging out in August with a common goal in mind START WORKING OUT!... I had started a little bit in May/June but lack of energy, motivation, gym buddies to get started with, and extra pressure in school and kids kept me out of the gym....

Determined to find something I loved, we decided to try spin (cycling), which was albeit a little intimidating to start out with, I was sweating my theoretical balls off, and those were hurting when I was done too! Like super holy saddle sore from the bike! But, with mutual motivation we kept on going...After a few weeks finding music and teaching styles that were motivating we got into the swing of things and met some great friends in class! I needed the motivation to get out of the house and work on school work since I made the (dumb) choice to take all online classes in the fall so I could spend more time at home (dumb choice way harder to focus and deployment stuff erggg)... I started going to cycling at 5:15 am m/w/f, working on homework at the gym from 6:30-3 and then doing another class at 3:30 (or 5:30 fridays) pm and going home, Tuesdays I would go at 6:30am and that got me started on my days that weren't schoolwork days... I've cut back my gym time to instruction/subbing and whenever I can make it, but I turned my priorities to school and home with the kids since I am at school a lot, and just maintaining my fitness level so 3-5 days a week is fine for now.

(LR: Me, Mel- she's got jokes for days can find anything to make me laugh &
Tab- who's always full of joy even when I'm a grump & all the busted spin bikes in the back)

I completely fell in LOVE with spin, the feeling of endurance, energy, music, and the actuality that I was feeling what FITNESS was... turned out to be amazing! One day we had a teacher not show up, I asked the desk if they were coming, the manager asked me if *I* wanted to teach... I said "heck no" lol... then I went home and thought about it and started thinking about how much I loved to spin... the next morning at my 8:15 cycling class, the teacher wasn't there so I decided to plug in my music, pandora (random music not even my own playlist) and taught an impromptu class... That class was the BEST workout I'd ever had in my life... I was hooked... I was asked to be an on call sub after that, and recently asked to take over for one of the instructors at the gym... I can't explain how great it feels to come from ZERO fitness to loving something like cycling so much that I do it for 3 hours straight at an aerobathon there are no words, just satisfaction of feeling healthy and alive!

Well, I didn't know I would go that much into spin but I can say that its been a HUGE part of the last 6 months of my life, it has changed me so much and the way I feel about myself and life in general...Alive again!...

(Hubby's WBRTR Shirt for the morning "run" and my study sesh at Shari's)
New Years Eve Morning I walked the Run to Remember with my close friend Andi, she was sweet to walk with me since I am not quite a runner (YET on my way there!)...I finished my English class
at 3am on New Years Day after sitting at starbucks 8 hours straight and staying up all night, spending my New Years Eve at Shari's by myself (pretty cool huh :) )... As soon as I submitted it I went home and crashed...Woke up early on New Years Day and took my baby girl to the POLAR BEAR jump... my first ever, it was on the bucket list and it was so much fun we just wish daddy could have been there, I'm making him come next year he can wear a speedo with Fil!!

((Me & Andi & my super awesome shirt she went all the way to Oregon for my Christmas present for (lol not really she was already there) after the polar bear jump YOU SHOULD HAVE JUMPED!))

(Makynah is not too thrilled about that cold water she just jumped in, it was "full of fish" (she couldn't see any she assumed it was ;) )
I took the week "off" from school at least... Went to a few spin classes, cleaned the house, put away christmas stuff, grocery shopped, mailed boxes, learned how to change the oil and spark plugs in my car, won a purse scavenger hunt (lol), did the aerobathon... Monday I start a fun quarter! Health Care provider CPR/First Aid/BBP, Speech and Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication and my first "official" spin class as an instructor! I am working at Madigan with Red Cross as well...

Now we are about a month into our first  12 month deployment, I am doing my best to make things go quickly, we will get through this, missing my best friend/husband like CRAZY 4 weeks down like 44 (or less!) to go!

... Being married for 7 years, having 3 kids, and being "brand" new to army life is quite different... I don't know very many people who were married before their spouse joined the army, or if they were who had kids, let alone 3 kids beforehand...

It feels, well, out of place sometimes... We were 25 when he joined, he's 27 now, I will be soon, we've made our financial mistakes long ago, we're paying for them now literally and figuratively we've learned from them, and now we live in a little world of brand new families where living on debt, and credit, and excess and keeping up with the "jones" for high speed gear is everyone's prerogative - I almost feel like I don't fit in just because I save and pay cash for things, it shouldn't be like that but it is the culture it seems... Most of these families were or are 18-20 when their spouses join...

So here I am, full time school, full time work, life, been an adult nearly 10 years, living on my own for 11, and married for (almost) 7 years now, and the people I am around and identify with, children close to my kids ages, are either much younger than me with very little experience at life in general, or they are "higher ranking" and social order kicks in and this usually turns into not making close friends, its not always the case, not everyone wears their husband's rank, some wear it up front, and some wear it quietly not realizing, some are honest and genuine and could care less about rank... Its an odd mix, I haven't always been the best at thinking before I talk either, which can make for awkward situations when you meet so many new people all the time and word vomit comes from your mouth, then you think "crap did I just say that to that person?" I have a bad habit of either trusting too much to quickly, or assuming I can give someone a hard time when I barely know them, or I am closed off from lack of trust and don't tell any one any thing... I'm a work in progress... Don't even get me started about the crazies, there are some real unique stories you hear about and see, sometimes I meet someone only to find out a week later they are the hussy of the post and banned from FRG meetings, and I turn tail and run! You definitely get to find out a lot quicker who the real friends are and which are just temporary. It all takes balance I suppose, practice, learning about myself and this life...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Every beginning is a consequence - every beginning ends some thing.

Whew... 2011 has been a whirlwind so far! So many changes, so many good things, so many things that are becoming a part of our past...

6 months ago I started school and this week I will be submitting my application for nursing school. The application process alone has taken me twice the time as my Microbiology, Organic Chemistry and Lifespan Psychology classes alone... It took me a little bit to wrap my mind around starting, I knew once it was submitted there was no turning back, this is it. I know a lot of people don't get in the first time, I am prepared for that option. But I am also prepared for what God has for me. I have managed to keep a 3.9 over 37 credits all 4.0's except one class which was a 3.5 (dang 92!)... By the end of summer quarter I will have completed 53 credits and hopefully bring that GPA up a little higher...

We moved to Fort Lewis and started our family as an "Army Family" which is still weird to me because we ended up staying in Washington... I was pretty excited about moving to Alaska, but my friend prayed I wouldn't lol... I started my journey to get healthy and lose weight and make healthy choices for our family.

I have made all kinds of new friends that are pretty awesome and all have their own unique personalities.  The kids are getting so big, I can't believe Makynah is already 6 and she is so smart, its hard to believe it seems like yesterday she was 2 just like Malakai... Mavryck is almost 1 and I feel like I just had him.... I am coming to grips with the fact that he might just be our last child, although the decision isn't final yet, it seems like the new things in our life every day are pushing more towards that fact...

Change is good, I am having fun, and I am feeling like I am finally moving towards who I am supposed to be, its just bittersweet to have to leave some things behind, but I guess in order for things to change I have to make room...

Monday, December 6, 2010


Complete craziness... So I started this PC repair thing, and honestly I didn't think it would take off like it did. I am now fixing like 5-10 computers a week. Its actually pretty cool and word of mouth spreads like wild fire.

Next week next week NEXT WEEK! I start school next week and I am super duper uber extra stoked!!!!!!! I will be taking Chem 100 and Psych 100... I will be on super speed to finish them before DUN DUN DUN... winter quarter! Ok the dun dun dun was a little premature but I am excited! I will be taking Bio 160, bio 241 and chem 121 for winter quarter. My brain is all focused on computers now so I need to go back and start studying again...

I can't believe its almost Christmas already, where has the time gone? I really need to decorate! Ok short but sweet! that's all for this week!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why not??

So I am uncommonly great with computers, like a savant LOL... So I figured why not use this to help my family, right? Serving the greater Fort Lewis, McChord and Tacoma Area


I am a stay at home mom, army wife and student with an extensive computer knowledge. I have a ton of experience and references getting rid of nasty Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Malware and Spyware. I can usually clean it even if it doesn't boot up (because of viruses not because of hardware). 99% of these issues can be solved without any data loss and without reinstalling system.

Additional services:
Installing/Uninstalling programs or applications that are available for free online or that you have a disk & activation code for
Installing a new operating system if you have the operating system disks and activation codes
Downloading music for you and putting on media devices
Copying CDs (photo, music and files) to media devices
Photo Editing Services
Anything you might need that isn't hardware related please ask (I can work with hardware as well just not as easily)

Just a 25$ DONATION as a friend helping a friend. Local preferred, usually a pretty fast turn around (24-48 hours)

Text or email only with questions or to arrange pickup


I CANNOT OFFER A 100% GUARANTEE -but so far I have a 100% success rate!

I also have experience with basic web pages, fees vary

Already replace your fubar computer? Donate it, I will attempt to repair it or use it for parts and donate it to deployed soldiers!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Positive Financial Decisions

   About a year ago, mostly out of necessity, partially out of age and growing wisdom. Josh and I decided that it was time we started paying cash for everything. In order to do this, we had to sacrifice and save. After many years, of credit cards, 26 cars, and lots of bad debt. We just couldn't do it anymore. This decision has relieved a lot of stress on our marriage and finances. At times, it puts more stress on both. But in the long run it is overwhelmingly uplifting. Our first large purchase was our car last year at taxes, we paid cash. That was so freeing. We also paid off all but 1 of our credit cards.

   It is definitely hard this time of year, when we don't have the extra cash to get everything that is so enticing. But with saving gift cards from family, and amazon cards, saving money from paychecks and on bills the money adds up. It also helps me think of cleaning out the house and offering talents and services.

   Whenever I meet someone who is young and has no debt, or who is spiraling away in debt. I can't help but mention how much better this is. We have to sacrifice little things and sometimes big things for this goal. But, as I look around, I am a better shopper, looking for coupons and deals. I am a better saver. I am  much more patient. I think its helped our family come out of being spoiled so much too.

    I can't wait for the day when I can say we are 100% debt free, we are slowly but surely making our way there, and not leaving a burden on our children in the years to come.

   Overall I feel like this was one of the best decisions our family has made. I feel like a burden is lifted, we are all more humbled and working harder for the things that we want. We aren't as greedy, and are more appreciative of each other and the things we have.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My passion, my talents, my ADD?

I have always been on the move. I know it doesn't seem like it but I am a busy bee, maybe its just in my head but really I am. I am constantly thinking about what I can do next. Last year when I was helping hubby work on his school, it reignited a passion to go back to school for me. So that is what I am going to do, I am starting school in January for my prerequisites for my ASN (RN). I will be finishing my prerequisites summer 11' and competing for 1 of 30 spots out of 170 applications for my RN program. This is so exciting for me. Originally I was going to wait until Josh deployed. But it could be awhile for that to happen (our cat ginger cookie just crawled across my chest and started playing with my nose as I was typing this). So I am not going to put it off, I am jumping in feet first and I am so excited. Josh has also talked about starting school, so we are talking about what he might want to do, probably online school towards his bachelors degree.

This is not all...If you've seen a glimpse of my kids you would know that they are drop dead gorgeous, no I am not humble on this they are beautiful lol. I love love love to be surrounded by photos of them, I love taking photos of them. AND if you were at Andrea Larson's CFC North wordshop table with me 3 years ago, you might remember one of my goals for the year "take at least one picture every day"... I want to capture their life. I met this amazing person last year, through a mutual friend, and she has been an inspiration to me, not just what she does but who she is. Her name is Latasha, her talent is beautiful and her personality is even bigger than her talent, and she has inspired me to learn more about photography. Not necessarily professionally, but so I can capture every moment possible of my kids and do it with some style. So I am scrimping and saving and studying for a new camera and I can only hope I can learn from her and the many amazing photographers out there.

Over the summer, while hubby was in basic training, I also got my FIRST sewing machine. I never realized sewing would be so easy. I have made a couple of baby sheets, and blankets, and I even made 2 dresses for Josh's basic training graduation & blue cord ceremony. I will be working on a few more projects when I can get this house organized and set my sewing table up again. Apparently first on my list is Josh's cowboys blanket haha. (now I have a baby on my lap). I have in line a couple of blankets, a couple of sheets, a few boppy covers, some curtains and a nursing cover. If only I could get started they'd be done quicker. For that to happen this mountain of boxes that fill the corner that is my "sewing room" has to move. My only time for anything is the same time Makynah is at school, Malakai is down for a nap and if I am lucky so is Mavryck. Once that time is gone so is my free time...So it may take awhile for these projects to get done. (now the cat is back on my chest and the baby is napping)...

I am excited for some really cool things this week, except they aren't really publishable things but exciting nonetheless.

CELEBRATE IS TONIGHT!! I am way excited for this and to be sitting by Mrs Latasha Haynes if I am lucky :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wait, am I talking to myself?

Ever talk about yourself in the 3rd person? Well if you're a parent, or you've ever watched that episode of Seinfeld chances are you have. You know how it goes "mommy needs you to bring me the baby wipes", "mommy just needs you to be quiet for a minute", "daddy needs you to go potty in the big boy potty"... Well have you ever caught yourself talking about yourself in the 3rd person TO yourself? You know who has? <<<< This lady.... This morning I had just gotten our youngest, Mavryck, to sleep after a bit of a fussy morning, with all 3 kids. Makynah, was just gone at school and Malakai was down for his morning nap. I grabbed my cup of very very cold coffee, and walked into the kitchen, I quietly said to myself "Mommy just needs a cup of coffee to herself..." then I caught myself, not so quietly laughing out loud to myself in the quiet kitchen. As life goes, it wasn't quiet for long. You're never too cool to talk to yourself...even in the 3rd person...